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Aug 22, 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic first swept through the United States a year ago, dog adoptions skyrocketed. One estimate from PetPoint, which keeps statistics on the number of animals currently in the American shelter system, found that adoptions were up more than 12% in 2020 — after years of declining numbers. Anecdotal reports from breeders suggest demand for new puppies followed this trajectory as well. On today’s podcast we are examining the changing face of “America’s dog” — and what it says about us


This episode will be a deep dive into our various canine love affairs, from postwar era's working dogs to the designer breeds of today. This is a good one. If you are new here, please do us a favor and hit that like and subscribe button. If you really like what we do, be sure to hit that notification bell and you will never miss an episode.