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Nov 20, 2022

Dog Works Radio is hosted by Robert and Michele Forto and takes listeners into the scruffy, curious, and sometimes heroic world of dogs. Let's dive into the delightful and surprising look at our relationship with our K9 Buddies.

On this episode, lead trainer of Alaska Dog Works, Michele Forto gives you five tips for keeping your dog out of trouble on Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly and it is not too late to ensure that your pup and your family have a wonderful meal in peace. Consider Thanksgiving from your dog’s point of view: There’s a never-ending buffet of human food and plenty of humans in need of some emotional support — at the very least, the opportunity to pet a dog. The holiday should be their favorite! Unfortunately, as many dog owners know, all that food and all those humans can often spell disaster for your dog. The goal is to set your pup up for success by making it easy for them to do the right thing and not get into trouble.