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Dog Works Radio is your home for canine sports, working dogs and training advice! 

Nov 27, 2022

Dog Works Radio is hosted by Robert and Michele Forto and takes listeners into the scruffy, curious, and sometimes heroic world of dogs. Let's dive into the delightful and surprising look at our relationship with our K9 Buddies.

On this episode, lead trainer of Alaska Dog Works, Michele Forto gives you four secrets dog trainers don't want you to know. 

Today we are going to share a few secrets. Dog trainers are crucial for helping owners and dogs succeed at obedience training and working through behavior issues. Unfortunately, they can also be pricey, and paying for private lessons are not a viable long-term solution for many families. 

The good news is – there are a couple of secrets that can help you save a lot of money while still getting the most out of your training time.